About Us


AgrimarketAdvisor provides you with all agribusiness market players to help you plan your activities timely and cost effectively.


We are passionate about helping farmers access better inputs, technologies, services, and markets for their farm produce.


Sharing is caring. We provide farmers with an opportunity to share ideas about what works well where they live and what doesn't.


We are great believers in world food security. That's why we are supportive of farmers, agribusinesses and other stakeholders alike in the food chain.

Farm Technology

Find new technologies that will automate many tasks on your farm, making crop production more efficient and profitable. The precision that comes with modern technology ensures a reduction in wastage of already scarce farm inputs.


Agribusiness Consultants

Find the people who understand the trade and let them hold your hand. Most agribusiness consultant can help you succeed more than when going it alone.


Agricultural Insurance

Find the most reliable and trustworthy insurance providers to insure your Agribusiness against any inevitable eventualities.


Farm Inputs

Find good quality farm inputs so that you can maximize yield at the least cost possible. Looking for certified seeds, fertilizers, and environmental friendly pesticides? Here we provide credible sources as voted by successful farming entrepreneurs.


Farm Machinery

Find the most effective and pocket friendly farm machinery supplier around the globe. This is important if you need to mechanize your farm operations.


Farmers Market

Find a local farmers market near you. This especially important for those individuals who are keen on reducing their carbon footprint.


Organic Farmers

Find certified organic farmers offering farm fresh organic produce and various healthy food businesses. It's a great opportunity to enjoy the tastiest local fruits and vegetables whenever you'd like. Most importantly, there's always an organic farmer near you. You can find them here today.