Old Barn Market – Healthy, Locally Sourced Food

Bringinging you the best organic and gluten-free items

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Old Barn Market began in Karen and Jeff Allen’s Chenango Bridge farmhouse in 2008. Karen’s hobby of canning and preserving started taking off with rave reviews and decided to start selling locally.

This was at the Otsiningo Farmer’s Market and with time the demand for these delicious sweets skyrocketed.

Karen’s busy life as a full-time science teacher, raising four girls with her husband Jeff, couldn’t keep up with the demand for her homemade goods.

So a big decision to resign from her love of teaching. She opened a store that embodied healthy, locally sourced food began.

In August 2012, Old Barn Market and Gluten-Free Bakery opened its doors becoming Binghamton’s only locally-minded market.

It has since expanded to be the only 100% gluten-free bakery.

The future is bright for Old Barn Market –  Looking to grow into a food hub for the community.

The market accepts SNAP benefits, welcoming all to take part in what Old Barn Market is – a Sustainably Sourced, Community Based business.

Moreover, Old Barn Market brings the best organic and gluten-free items to downtown Binghamton. All of these products come directly from a local artisan or farm in small batches. Each item is carefully selected and never mass-produced.

The market is also proud to be the only true gluten-free bakery in the Greater Binghamton Area. The old Barn’s kitchen is kept to strict standards so all of its baked goods are safe for everyone to enjoy.

Items at the market can be baked to include your diet, including vegan and dairy-free.