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AfriKelp was established in 1971 and has since made an impressive mark on the global agricultural landscape. This is thanks to our highly innovative natural plant growth stimulant solution, which delivers measurable and tangible crop development results. We collect, cultivate, harvest and process both red and brown seaweed to create our innovative solutions, and we do so sustainably and ethically, with a clear focus on environmental responsibility.

At AfriKelp, we believe in sustainability. This is evident in how we harvest our seaweed crop, and nurture our relationships with farmers and distributors. We have been working with the agricultural sector for many decades and have a proven track record in sustainable solutions and service. We are also extremely committed to providing a product that delivers on its promise, and take pride in our reputation for delivering quality results for farmers and the agricultural market.

AfriKelp Product Offering

AfriKelp LG-1 is a liquid seaweed concentrate that is freshly harvested from the giant brown seaweed Ecklonia Maxima, and includes the natural biostimulant auxin. As this species of seaweed is only available in commercial quantities along the South African west coast, this solution is one of a kind. No competitor can replicate its qualities or lay claim to its unique benefits.


AfriKelp uses a Cold Micronisation Process (CMP) to treat the kelp once it has been sustainably harvested. The process is gentle and doesn’t use harsh temperatures or harmful chemicals to release the natural plant biostimulants. The treated product is finely filtered to remove unwanted particles larger than 30 microns, and then preserved to guarantee a natural, phyto biostimulant-rich cocktail. The entire process ensures that the active ingredients are not altered in any way before they are bottled.


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